Hallo der ute - her er hjemmesiden min!

7th and last day for now in Armenia

Sooner rather than later all fantastic experiences come to an end, and so I needed to fully enjoy the last day in my favourite country of all times before it was time to leave right after midnight the next day. We got up early again, filled our bellies with exquisite breakfast, including pears, apples, figs, bananas, grapes and oranges before we went up to the reception to meet my guests and our fabulous guide (best ever) Hripsime.


Today was Saturday, but not just like any regular Saturday in Yerevan. It was Yerevan’s birthday – and a fantastic party everywhere! One thing is all the stores are open, the marketplaces buzzle with people, there is music everywhere. children are singing and dancing, grown-ups are happily participating and they alle have the beautiful Armenian flag painted on their faces, or even the Yezidi flag for the biggest minority group in Armenia.


Happy, happy, happy and happy. We all went to the vernissage market which is actually a market for artists of all kinds where they can sell their artworks to the public and to tourists. This means that you can get a lot of stuff, but no food. There are nice paintings, sculptures, clothes, music instruments – you name it – they got it.


And there is little use in haggling – the prices are relatively fixed, but you could make a good deal if you go for it. I had no problem paying the asking price, but simce I love the sport of haggling i checked it out, and yes it helps doing it in some kind of Armenian. Hripsime and myself had already practiced the routine by doing several role plays.  Once I got the deal I wanted, I still paid the full amount. It is so cheap anyway, that for people like us with good incomes, I think it is a shame to keep pushing the already low prices. well, my opinion.


I got my face painted with both the Armenian  and the Yezidi flags, I got lots of t-shirts and bumperstickers,  a big Armenian flag, a statue before it was time for lunch and some wine to celebrate Yerevan – actually one of the oldest cities in the world! So we went shopping for real Armenian shoes – and Morten got the nicest shoes I’ve ever seen. Really beautiful – and of course they did not have my size. i felt depressed! But to my comfort, I got some real Armenian gulpaner socks, so I felt kind of compensated. Next time – I’ll make sure they have my size!


The in yerevan they actually have their own shopping area underneath the pedestrian zone. On top – dancing and singing children and adults, lots of sounds – and underneath a quiet shopping street pretty similar to the one they have in Singapore. Armenia never stops to amaze me.


This was the day of meeting people. i talked to lots and lots – and my helpless Armenian kept improving – and so i had to get some children’s books for further study. I am glad I did – I needed some entertainment on the flights back to Oslo.

The day was finished at the Pandok once again, with dinner, dancing, wine and entertainment. Early to bed before departure at 2.00 a.m.