Hallo der ute - her er hjemmesiden min!

4th Day in Beautiful Hayastan – Armenia

The more I think about it, the more it amazes me. The fact that the remaining part of Armenia – the 10% not stolen and occupied by Turks – is a small package of 29.800 square kilometres, add another 10.000 square kilometres for rightfully Armenian land in Artsakh – and the fact remains – a small country. But – it is packed, really packed with history, culture, sights, nature, wild animals, orchards, wineries, churches, monasteries, really nice and cozy villages, a large modern capital – and most importantly – a population of about three million far beyond comparison to any other people I have met on my many travels around the world.


It really makes me wonder – how can anybody want to commit a Genocide to these people and then deny it for 101 years? How would anyone want to exterminate this beautiful people – both on the exterior and on the interior? Yes, it amazes me how good-looking they are.  And how is it possible that Turkey can do so and the rest of the world does little or nothing to pressure this racist country into coming to terms with its own bloody history? Why is the Armenian holy mountain situated in the psycho-Republic of Turkey? I refer to one of my guests who said: ” This is not a denial of genocide – this is a major psychosis”. I agree. Repulsive and sick.


Breakfast was early, and the bus was ready at 8.00, and so one of the tourists was late as usual. We got going at 8.10, and headed straight for Khor Virap and Mount Ararat. Khor Virap is the monastery from which one gets the very best view of Mount Ararat in all of Armenia. The large queen – and the princess – Masis and Sis, two peaks that form the wonder of Ararat. So full of legends, stories, faith and love. The Armenian soul. Situated in Turkey for the time being. Turkey has stolen a mountain! And they are not being punished for it. Just being so close to Ararat without being able to go all the way is extremely sad. Made me shed a couple of tears. But to quote a Swedish Armenian I met: ” They can do whatever they want. Ararat is eternally Armenian. We all know this in our hearts.”


Khor Virap was the place where George the Illuminator was impisoned for 14 years before he healed King Trdat II. The King realized that George must be right about Christianity and so the Armenian Nation became the first Christian nation in the world.


Khor Virap is the place to meet the Spyurk Armenians. This time I met four from Glendale, California, three Lebanese, one Syrian and a whole bus of Argetinian Armenians. Just fantastic.


We had some photoshoots before the bus went on to Areni Village. Areni Village is situated really close to the caves where the oldest wine-making equipment in the world was found, making Armenia the first wine making country in the world. Areni winery welcomes a lot of visitors, and so we saw an interesting movie on wine production before they offered tasting of all kinds of wines, red, white, sparkling, cherrywine, pomegranatewine, mullberrywine, apricotwine. Just fantastic. And we tasted so much that we had a small problem getting everyone into the bus at departure time. Once on the bus, it didn’t last very long before one or two or even 15 of us had to pee.


On the way to the next stop Hripsime told us about Nakichevan and Nagorno Karabakh, and the fact that Stalin gave away these two territories to Azerbaijan just to please Turkey. The Armenian population of Nakhtchevan was soon forced to move away, resulting in the fact that there is not one single Armenian left there. Nagorno Karabakh was a different story. Here the people stayed, despite the fact that there was a lot of discrimination going on. to make a long story short: Armenia managed to liberate Nagorno Karabakh and follow the wish of the people of the region. Azerbaijan obviously wants to continue the Genocide by getting the area included in their country, but that is never going to happen. For Azeris Nagorno Karabakh means power and status. For Armenians it means survival. So there is no doubt the Armenian soldiers fight with a lot more motivation than the 90 times richer Azeris.


Next stop was Noravank. Beautiful monastery situated almost on a mountain cliff. Just beautiful and a must -see gem. After Noravank we went straight to a village and a home -made lunch, prepared especially for us by an Armenian family. This one was special, since we got to know the family and see how they live in a very small village. Great experience and very good food, including home-made wine and vodka.


On the border between the regions of Vayots Dzor and Syunik it was time for a pee stop and purchasing fruits, nuts and whatever from the roadside vendors. They even had wine in Cokebottles for sale. Everyone peed. A small stop at the Armenian version of Stonehenge, which is exciting to see and listen to the sounds made in the wind through the man-made hole sin the stones, and the directly to our first class hotel in Goris where a nice dinner was served with Karas red wine.