Hallo der ute - her er hjemmesiden min!

3rd day in the most beautiful country in the world – Armenia/Hayastan

OK, here we go again. We got up early Tuesday morning, cause today was the day for visiting the sprawling and very modern city of Yerevan. well, not that it is especially young, yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the entire world. Yerevan is a blend of fantastic architecture, modern boulevards, cozy backstreets, hundrends of bars, restaurants and all kinds of entertainment like jazzbars, dancing, markets, museums and an almost Art Nouveau style Operah House, except for the blue-greyish color that covers the whole building. Still a gem, though. Republic Square is probably the most impressive area, but I am never sure, cause when I get to the fantastic Cascade Area, the modern pedestrian zone or even the Vernissage Market Place, I keep changing my mind.

The only place in the Republic of Armenia where you will see an Azeri flag - The barrel of Cognac will be opened when there is peace in Artsakh and peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The only place in the Republic of Armenia where you will see an Azeri flag – The barrel of Cognac will be opened when there is peace in Artsakh and peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Anyway, we started off by visting the Ararat Brandy Factory – proudcer of the world’s best Cognac, yes it actually beats most of the French products. Churchill consumed three bottles of it after Stalin introduced to the fabolous drops in Yalta. We had a fantstic guide who explained everything about the success of Armenia’s pride. Then there was early morning tasting – and finally shopping.


It is a very good thing that I was not going to take my guests to Azerbaijan after Armenia, because at the border they confiscate anything Armenian, including Brandy, flags, t-shirts and definitly my beautiful Armenian flag sweater. Not that I have ever had any even remote thoughts about going there, but I just mention it so that you guys out there get the picture of the aggressive and racist neighbour. Escape actually had to change the order of Trans – Caucasian countries visited on their tour of the area. Earlier it was Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaidjan, now they start in Azerbaidjan and end up in Armenia. Nothing Azeri is ever confiscated on the border.


Next stop Matendran – museum of scriptures and books. One of the most extensive museums of this kind on the planet. Old scriptures dating back 1.5 millenia can be observed, and meeting us in front of the museum is Mashtots Mesrop, the famous monc who invented the Armenian beautiful alphabet.


Third stop  great lunch again – and the we moved on to the saddest and most emotional part of the journey. not comfortable but a necessity if you want to know the essentials of Armenian History and Armenia today. All Armenians, citizens of the Republic or diaspora Armenians (spyurk) have the 1915 -1922 Genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire in mind. 1.5 Million Armenians were executed by the most brutal means of killing – to mention a few: Burned by propane, thrown off cliffs, starved to death, died by exhaustion after being forced to walk days and weeks through the deserts of Syria and Iraq, people were raped then got their limbs cut off, people were drowned in the Black Sea. These means of killing are just a few, and even our guide said she’d spare us the details since these brutal and psychopathic murders are without comparison.


The Interior Minister Mr. Talat Pasha made sure all military personell and policemen and even normal Kurds and Turks killed any Armenian the could spot. The prize for doing so was to get Armenian houses, valuables, businesses. “Kill them all with noe remorse” waas the general saying at the time. This was the first Genocide of the 20th Century – according to the strict laws that define Genocide in the United Nations – and yes, even if Hitler managed to kill 6 Million Jews, the Crime of the Turks is equivalent and actually exactly the same:


They killed innocent people because they were Armenians, Hitler because they were Jews. no other reason. So – the big problem remains: Turkey and the other Turkey (Azerbaijan) deny the Genocide. yes, they have mad up a history of lies, lies and lies, and distorted the facts  to the point of a travesty. 99% of all historians of the world (that is except Turkish ones who will be prosecuted if the even say that there was a Genocide according to paragraph 301 in the Turkish Penal Code), fully agree that all documentation (and there are tons of it in Germany, Vatican, Armenia, France, Washington, Egypt) makes it crystal clear that the atrocities against the Armenians are to be classified by the right definition of the word: Genocide.


So, to Commemorate the 1.5 million victims, in 1965 the Soviet rulers allowed Armenia to construct a memorial for all Armenians and all of mankind of the genocide. The memorial is situated on top of Tsitsernakabert, a hill overlooking Yerevan and where one gets a beautful sight of Mount Ararat. In addition to the Memorial with the eternal flame there is a park wher estatesmen have planted trees to commemorate (No Norwegians this far, but it will change, I promise), but representatives from lots of countries who understand the importance of doing this. There is a very good museum which outlines  the planning of and the Genocide by photos and good explanations.



We then moved on to the statue of Mother Armenia on top of Yerevan. This statue once replaced the monstrous statue of Joseph Stalin. Then Cascade, and thanks to one of the particiapants on the tour we all got Opera tickets to go see an Armenian opera. I do not like opera at all, but to quote one of my colleagues: “Just add Armenian in front of any word, any person and any event – and Svennie loves it.” I guess she’s right. The Opera singers were all extremely good-looking, a wonder for the eye, their voices were like thousand clear bells, the interior of the opera – fantastic. Did I understand anything? yes, two words: hay, Hayastan. we finished off by having dinner at the Cascade.

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