Hallo der ute - her er hjemmesiden min!

Diary – first day in beautiful Armenia – Hayastan

It all started October 2nd at the Airport. 20 happy people waiting for me – their own tour guide who was going to take them to one og the most exciting places on earth. The country that God must have blessed after hundreds og years og oppression, attacks, slaughters, earthquakes, wars, invasions, extreme racism and yes a Genocide. Armenia and the Armenians have managed to restructure, rebuild, restart, reassemble their nation, their people and their country and is today a modern country with an enormous cultural heritage which actually beats the shit out of most other countries in the world. just imagine. World’s first wine-making country, world’s most beautiful women (according to US surveys), world’s best brandy, one of the wolrd’s oldest capitals, more ancient monasteries, churches and architecture than you can dream of, exquisite food 8and lots of it – we all probably went a little bit fat) and I could go on – but I’ll leave a little bit here for later. Armenia’s greatest asset is its inhabitants. The people who are according to legend the direct descendants of Noahs great grandchild Hayk – and therefore the call themselves hay and their country Hayastan.


So – actually only 7 or 8 of the people who signed up for the trip to Armenia did so because this was their first choice of destination. Not that it wasn’t their second one, but they had all signe dup for trips to Uzbekistan, Iran or other destinations that did not materialize and the chose Armenia as their alternative. After maybe 2 hours in Hayastan I am comvinced they dis not – not one of them regret their choice of destination. We had so much fun, met so many interesting people, learned so much from our very knowledgeable local guide – had som much food, wine, beer and brandy – well I knew this week was going to be a great success.


Aeroflot was OK. The company took us to Moscow, then to Yerevan. We arrived Yerevan in the middle of the night, went straight to the hotel, went to sleep, met for breakfast and the show started with an Excursion to Armenia’s Vatican State – Echmiadzin and a fantastic dinner with music, lavash, show at Yerevan Pandok. More to come for anyone who keeps checking my blogg.