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What if the tables were turned Jews and Armenians?

NEWSFLASH: Germany has decided to name several neighborhoods, streets, buildings, and public schools in Berlin and other German cities after Adolf Hitler and other Nazi “heroes.”Let’s go back to 1945 and figure out what it would look like if the Germans were as cynical as the Turks:

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1945:  Germany has lost the war and pulled all troops from occupied areas. After a few years, Germany is again established as a nation and has its own constitution. One of the paragraphs of the Constitution states that it is an offense to insult  Germanism. Germany is a strong ally with the other democracies in Europe and North America. Despite many claims and petitions from Jewish organizations worldwide nothing is done to settle the Terrible Crime of the Holocaust in which  Europe’s Jewish population was decimated.  6,000,000 Jews were exterminated just because they were Jews.  The surviving Jews emigrated to Palestine, the United States or elsewhere far away . Only a handful stayed in Europe.  All the assets of Jewish families, bank accounts, realty, houses, factories were taken over by Germans, Poles, Austrians and others.  Synagogues, cemeteries, assembly halls were all demolished. No track of any Judaism in Germany.  The concentration camps where most of the Jews were either starved to death, gassed to death or shot to death are demolished. Supermarkets and fast food chains have replaced the sites of horror. Germans politicians call the Jews liars – and that term is frequently used for historians who have proof that 6 million Jews were slaughtered by the Germans. German politicians claim that maybe a couple of hundred thousand Jews died while being relocated. Relocation was a necessary step to prevent the Jews from collaborating with the Russians and the French. And when there is war people die – many Germans were killed too.

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In Germany’s capital a large memorial was erected. Adolf Hitler is honored for his achievement as a hero among Germans. The main street in Berlin is renamed called Eichmannstrasse and schools around  Germany carry the names of Goebbels Volksschule, Universität Josef Mengele or Kindergarten Goering. Memorials throughout Germany honor of the heroes of the 2nd World War.

Intellectuals and historians keep repeating that Germany must confront the Holocaust and come to terms  with its own history. After all – this all happened 75 years ago and now it’s time to  recognize the terrible mistakes of the past and pay tribute to the victims and the victims’ families. Any person who speaks freely in public about this is prosecuted by reference to the Constitution, paragraph 301 which condemns any insult to  anything  Germanic. Minimum penalty is imprisonment. Authors describing the events are banned in Germany. Despite increased international pressure on the Germans, the Prime Minister and the President  alike refuse to discuss this matter and instead spend millions of dollars on Public Relations firms in the United States to make sure their point of view, that is the falsification of the historical facts,  as to these events are being represented and widely spread.  The President of the USA is ambivalent. Before he was elected he told the world that the Genocide of Jews would be officially recognized, but due to German pressure the President chickened out and has not yet managed to utter the word Genocide when the matter is brought to light. Some countries react and recognize the atrocities as genocide. These countries are boycotted and threatened by Germany. And many countries dare simply not discuss the genocide of the Jews at a political level.

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On the other hand, the Armenian Genocied is recognized everywhere – the Armenians have received compensatoion and land, including Mount Ararat – and Turkey teaches the Armenian Genocide at all school. There is regret and there is a clear awareness that this heinous crime must never happen again. The Armenians do not, though, recognize the Jewish Genocide. The know that it took place, but have such good relations to Germany and Austria that it won’t jeopardize this in any way.

Many ordinary Germans are furious when someone has the nerve to mention the genocide and has a lot of arguments ready against “Jewish lies”. Germany refuses to recognize Israel as a state. The same goes for Austria and Liechtenstein, whereas Switzerland recognizes the Genocide and also forbids any denial by law.

Here is an excerpt from an article published  February 10, 2015

The Real Turkish Heroes of 1915

By Raffi Bedrosyan

If the above statement were to be true, how would you react? How do you think Germans would react? How do you think Jews still living in Germany would react? My guess is that you, the Germans, and the Jews would all find it inconceivable, offensive, and unacceptable.

And yet, it is true in Turkey, where it is acceptable to name several neighborhoods, streets, and schools after Talat Pasha and other Ittihat ve Terakki (Committee of Union and Progress) “heroes” who not only planned and carried out the Armenian Genocide, but were responsible for the loss of the Ottoman Empire itself.


At last count, there were officially 8 “Talat Pasha” neighborhoods or districts, 38 “Talat Pasha” streets or boulevards, 7 “Talat Pasha” public schools, 6 “Talat Pasha” buildings, and 2 “Talat Pasha” mosques scattered around Istanbul, Ankara, and other cities. After his assassination in 1922, Talat was originally interred in Berlin, Germany, but his remains were transferred to Istanbul in 1943 by the Nazis in an attempt to appease the Turks. He was re-buried with full military honors at the Infinite Freedom Hill Cemetery in Istanbul. The remains of the other notorious Ittihat ve Terakki leader, Enver Pasha, were also transferred in 1996 from Tajikistan and re-buried beside Talat, with full military honors; the ceremony was attended by Turkish President Suleyman Demirel and other dignitaries.

Is this hero worship misguided or deliberate? Is the denial of 1915 only state policy, or is it wholeheartedly accepted by the Turkish public, brainwashed by the state version of history?